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Your photo session is booked. That is great. The first step is done. But there are a few details left to plan. Most importantly, what to wear? Let me help you a bit with an outfit guide for your family photo session. You will want your outfits to look nice but not stiff. They should represent you as a family and not feel overdressed or underdressed. Since the photo session will include some playful elements you need to be able to move around, sit, lay down, run, dance etc. and not be held back by your wardrobe.

So where to begin so that it does not become an overwhelming task?

First prepare ahead of time. Start thinking about what to wear right after booking your session. This way things don’t turn into a last-minute frenzy. You will have enough time to prepare and select your wardrobe, make sure every item is clean and stain free and maybe even purchase some accessories that work well with your outfit.

Dos and Don’ts for your outfit selection

  • Don’t wear matching outfits they look too stiff.
  • Instead choose something complimenting each other
  • No logos and graphics they are simply distracting
  • No bright colors or black as a top they give an odd color cast on faces
  • Instead pick neutral colors or earth tones
  • Light solid colors are also good

Where to start to pick your family outfit?

Now that we know some basics here is a good way to start.

Choose your outfit first. Do you usually wear corporate clothes for work? This is your chance to wear something nice and comfortable. Do you usually only wear sweatpants and T-shirts? This is your chance to get out of them and dress up in something that makes you feel good. It’s your day to shine. It’s not your day to hide behind your kids. Moms often are the center of the family. So show yourself. Treat yourself to a nice outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. Do you like to wear dresses? Then go for it. Or do you prefer pants and a nice shirt? That’s fine too. Pick something that you feel comfortable in. Something that fits your style as a family.

Now that you have your outfit selected let’s pick a pattern or a color from here and pull it into the remaining outfits. Or pick colors that will compliment each other. You can even add some layers to create interest.

The finishing touches to your family photo outfit

Make sure that everyone is wearing the same level of dressiness. This way it looks pulled together and cohesive. If you would like to get all dressed up then the rest should do the same. Or if you want to keep it more casual than the same goes for the rest of the family.

While accessories can add a nice touch, please make sure to leave the sunglasses and baseball hats at home. These items are definitely too casual and create shadows on the faces.

Here are a few examples:

Outfit option – Simple with a pop of color

outfit guide for family session - pop of color

This option only uses 2 color tones. Yellows and blues. It is simple but has a crisp pop to it.

Outfit option – Muted color

outfit guide for family session - muted color

This option only uses one color in combination with greys. This has a more eclectic feel.

Outfit option -Water and Earth tones

outfit guide for family session - water earth tones

This option also only uses one color, but in combination with brown and beige tones for a more earthy feel.

Outfit option -Bright colors

outfit guide for family session - bright colors

This option shows that it doesn’t all have to be muted. You can all wear colors as long as they have the same brightness to them.

This was a brief outfit guide for your family photo session. You’re not really sure how to pull it all together? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Send me a message. I would be more than happy to help you!

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