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Usually I’m not the type of person that has any new years resolutions. I believe that if you want to change something just do it. Don’t wait for a specific date. But I’ve been wanting to do a 365 photo project. And somehow that lends itself to just begin on January 1st.

So what kind of project am I talking about?

I committed to taking 1 picture every day for an entire year. Usually I take a lot of pictures of my kids. Way more than 365 per year. But I do not take an image every day. So I challenged myself to this project for a few reasons.

Why I do a 365 project?

I want to document the little details of our family life. Time just goes by way too quickly and the girls are growing up faster than I want them to. I want to document as much of it as possible. And not just the usual photo worthy moments. But the every day. The days that don’t feel that special. But still added up are the most special. Things that I usually wouldn’t have captured. Like my oldest getting her hair combed by dad. Or the way she likes to hide behind the curtain or under the table.

Another special thing that I want to add to the project are self portraits. I want to get in the picture more. Definitely with my girls. Maybe even by myself. I usually don’t have a lot of pictures at the end of the year with myself in them. So that absolutely needs to change. It looks like I’m not there. I want to document not only my girls, but my time with them. And the memories and feelings with them. How did it feel to hold them while they nap in your arms. Knowing that at the moment this is the most comfortable place for them. That is the only place they want to be at.

Are you in?

So follow me on my 365 project journey. I will be sharing my pictures here to maybe inspire you a bit as well to document your life or be in the picture more often. Not every shot has to be a masterpiece. It is about the process.

And if you want to schedule a session to help me document your family life and for you to be in the picture with them, be sure to reach out here. Or follow me on Instagram. I’ll be sharing some more images there.

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