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So you might be asking what is the best time of year for your family photos in New Jersey. I get it. You’re investing a lot of time and money. So you need to make sure everything is perfect. But don’t worry there is no wrong or right time of year. But there are a few things to consider when choosing your season. Let me walk you through it.


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The best light for your photo sessions is at golden hour which is the hour before sunset. The timing of the sunset varies throughout the year. So when selecting your photo session date you should have a look at the sunset times and think about your kids bedtime. If your kids are younger and you have earlier bedtimes then maybe a spring or fall session might work better for you. If your kids are older or have later bedtimes then maybe a summer session works great for you. But either way know that there are a few tricks that I can share with you to make sure your kids are as cooperative as possible at the day of your session.


Another thing to consider is what you would like to wear at your session. In the spring and summer your wardrobe will most likely be lighter. In the fall and winter it will have more layers. Consider what your personal preference is. Do you like to show a bit more skin or you prefer to layer up.


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And finally think about your location. Where do you see your family session taking place. If you prefer a park location they are gorgeous almost any time of year, but particularly in the fall with beautiful colors. Maybe you prefer a session at the beach then fall might be too cold for that and spring or summer will be better.

But the most important thing is to get in the picture with your family and enjoy some family snuggle time for me to capture precious moments for you. So even though the time of year might sound like a big deal. Don’t overthink it. There is no best time of year for your family photos in New Jersey.

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