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Maybe this will sound familiar to you? Over the last couple of months my daughter has turned into the most diligent collector of everything.  Leaves that she calls “trees”, sticks, acorns, stones, pinecones you name it she collects it. Slowly the inside of our apartment is starting to look as if you are still outside. I love that she gets so excited about nature. Maybe we can even turn your kids interests into a photo session location inspiration.

But what to do with all of it?

So we decided it was time for an art project. The other day she had collected some pinecones and acorns while she was waiting for me at a photo session in a park. She got really excited about the pinecones because that’s not something that she sees in our nearby parks a lot. She thought they felt quite funny when you touch them.

So we decided to bring out the paint and of course the glitter and have some fun. We painted these with white and blue paint and then added some glitter.

This is what you will need:

  • nature items (we used pinecones and acorns)
  • Paint (we used white and blue finger paint. But any other one will do as well)
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • String (to hang it up on something)

This is not only a great way to put those collections to a good use but also a great way to creating beautiful art together.

turn it into a photo session location

Are your kids into collecting nature items? Most of my Photo sessions take place in parks or other outdoor locations. And most parks have plenty of opportunities to explore nature. It is a great way to keep the kids entertained during a photo session. They can have fun, run around and explore a bit. And I can capture your kids while they are doing what they love. This will create some beautiful memories for you. I love that they get so excited about the little things.  Let’s pick a park or other outdoor location that you like for your session and watch your little one pick some flowers collect some leaves or get excited about some fun looking rocks or sticks. Get inspired by their interests and pick a photo session location that matches.

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