what images to expect from an outdoor family photo session

typical lifestyle family photo of mom with daughter

You want to book a session, but you are not really sure what images to expect from an outdoor family photo session? What variety will you get? And what kind of poses? Each family is unique. So each gallery will be unique. But let me walk you through one of my sessions to show you what a typical session flow looks like.

getting to know each other

First we all have to warm up to each other. I find that this is easiest done when the family sits close together on a blanket. That gives the kids the security that they need from the parents while they figure out who that stranger is that is taking pictures of them. This usually gives calm and snuggled images.

typical lifestyle family photos

Time to stand up

Now that we all got a bbit more comfortatble with the situation is is time to do some standing poses. This will typically include a shot with everyone looking at the camera as well. And then the kids are usually warmed up and want to run around and play.

Kids portraits

That means it is time to grab the kids one by one for some kids portraits. I try to capture their personality and not just them smiling at the camera. And I usually get some with only mom and the kids and then with dad and the kids.

typical playful lifestyle family photos

Sibling portraits

After the individual kids it is time to start rounding them up again to do some sibling shots. They usually got some of their excess energy out in the meantime and are ready to stand or sit together again. Most of the time they will want to show me how great they get along with each other.

Cuddly or playful

It is time to get the parents back into the picture. If the vibe of the session is more cuddly then I will have everyone lay together on the blanket. If the kids are more wild and want to run we will play some games together. A favorite is to have the kids either dance around and the parents in an embrace watching them or have the kids run under the blanket. This will make sure the session is fun for everyone and makes for great memories.

typical lifestyle family photos of kids, siblings and mom daughter

The couple shots

And usually the last shots of the session is the parents together. I make this a point in all of my sessions. It is important to have time together as a couple, especially when you have a family and it feels like you never have time for each other again. For most parents the last couple shot that they got was at their wedding. So this is always a nice laid back way to end the session.


So this is what images to expect from an outdoor family photo session with me. All my sessions are fun and relaxed. There is no pressure to smile at the camera or stand still. I will adapt to the energy of your family to create meaningful memories for you. Does that sound like your type of photo session? Don’t hesitate to reach out to chat about further details. Or follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

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