Why you should book a lavender mini photo session in New Jersey

lavender field photo session

Lavender fields are something that most of us probably have seen on pictures from France. But we actually have some beautiful ones right here in New Jersey. And they make for gorgeous photo backdrops. So here is why you should book a lavender mini photo session in New Jersey.

Something unique

Lavender fields are so unique and special. The beautiful light purple color. The fragrance that just smells like summer. Lavender is so relaxing and calming. And all that as the gorgeous backdrop for your photo session. It is a very unique setting because lavender only blooms for a few weeks every year. Making it a special event in many aspects.

Get an updated family photo

It is always a good excuse to get an updated family photo or to just document this moment in your family life. Mini sessions are the perfect setting for this. They take less time than a regular session. So there is less pressure on the kids. And you can just focus on some of the details that you would like to preserve of this time in your kids development.

Treat yourself

You might think that it is a lot of work to pull together a family photo session. You need to coordinate everyone’s outfits, get everyone ready, worry about how your kids will behave and you can’t plan anything fun that day. Well, I got you covered on all those points. I will help you with your outfit choices. You will receive a guide from me and I will guide you through everyone’s selection if you want. There will also be a guide on how to make the day of the session easy and how to prepare everyone. The session itself will be the fun event of the day and nobody needs to behave at my sessions. They are filled with snuggles or running, cuddles or tickles. Whatever mood your kids are in. I will make sure that you get to enjoy some real family time and will capture some unforgettable moments along the way.

Only pay for what you need

My mini sessions are priced in a way that they work for every budget. There is a small deposit to secure your time slot. That deposit also includes 3 prints from your session. But you only pay for what you really need. If you just want a few photos then that’s all you need to pay for. If you love the entire gallery then you can decide after you see the images. No pressure to decide on anything before you see your final images.

Does that sound like it is something for you? Join me and book a lavender mini photo session in New Jersey. Reserve your time slot and enjoy getting some gorgeous lavender field images! Click here to find out all the details.

photos of lavender fields in new jersey with child

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