What is lifestyle family photography

So what is lifestyle family photography and what does that mean for your photo session?

lifestyle family photo session - liberty state park - new jersey

Lifestyle Family Photography could mean different things to different people. So let me tell you what it means to me and what it will mean for your photo session with me.

For me it means that I don’t want you to look at the camera and force a smile for a picture. I want to capture your family interacting with each other, seeing the connection that you have with each other and not with the camera. I will pose you in a way that we will take a few pictures with everyone looking at the camera. That is what everyone is used to so it is very difficult to not do that. And maybe you want a few traditional pictures for the grandparents. But then I will ask you to interact with each other. Either just by looking at each other, by cuddling, tickling or playing.

I want you to use the time of the photo session as family time. Enjoy the time that you are spending together to create some beautiful memories of your family. I want to see the family that you are and capture that for you. It means that you are basically just doing the things that you usually do as a family.

When taking pictures of dad or mom with your kid I usually just ask what do you do to make them smile. That might be tickles for one family, throwing the kid in the air for another. But it will capture your uniqueness and family fun. Or maybe you are more of a cuddle family. Then that’s fine as well. Then there will be plenty of snuggly pictures.

For me lifestyle photography means that I will capture your family doing what you love. Giving you minimal direction or prompts for interaction.

This is how your typical session with me will look like

In the session we will go from standing to sitting and maybe we will even lay down. We will take pictures of everyone together just the kiddo or kiddos if there is a sibling or more and then of course mom and kids and dad and kids and last but not least mom and dad together. There will be lots of interaction between everyone to capture your unique family. And of course there will be tons of opportunity for the kids to just be themselves and play.

I don’t expect them to stand still and let me take their picture. It’s best if they just run around or explore the location. This way it will be more fun for everyone and I get to capture some beautiful memories of your kiddos nature. Maybe they don’t want to leave your arms. Then that’s fine as well. They get to be who they are. I’ll be directing everyone to poses that will make them look their best and still be themselves. There’s nothing stiff and formal about a lifestyle session.

Does this sound like a session you would like to have with your family? Or you have more questions about anything? Please reach out either via email juliamannphotography@gmail.com or here. I’d be happy to chat with you about how to capture some precious memories for your family.

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