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Should you schedule a winter family photo session or wait until the weather is warmer again? If you are on the fence about it or if you can’t even imagine what a session in winter would be like let me show you how much fun this can be.

The light is just amazing in winter.

Golden hour light is beautiful any time of the year. But somehow in the winter months it has even more of a glow. This will make your images so much more magical. So if you are into beautiful sunsets you should definitely consider taking advantage of that.

Stay warm in the cold

Of course you need to figure out how to stay warm in the winter. The outfit selection isn’t as easy as in warmer months. But with a little planning you won’t look like a marshmallow. Dress with plenty of layers but then also anticipate adjustments. With this family we planned all the outfits and thought they would be warm enough. But somehow the jackets were on pretty quickly. Even though this is not how we envisioned the wardrobe to be, we still captured some beautiful connection. It was not part of the plan and maybe the jackets could have been better coordinated. But the kids were happier and we got some adorable special moments between mom and her kids.

winter family photo session - snuggle moments to stay warm

Play games

Movement keeps you warm. So we played some games to stay in motion. Kids love to run and be active. So just let them be wild. This way they stay happy and warm. It is also a great way to capture your family’s connection. We can integrate games that you love to play as a family.

winter family photo session - play games to stay warm

Come schedule your magic

With a little preparation your winter family photo session will be even better than a session in warmer weather. Because you will also get the most beautiful locations with barely any other people. So you can just relax and enjoy your session. Your kids won’t be distracted and it is like a private getaway. There is a saying “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. Reach out to see when we can capture a session in magical light for you.

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winter family photo session - silhouette

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