3 tips on how to take better pictures with your phone

We all take a lot of photos these days. Especially of our children. There are so many beautiful moments that want to be captured. Many moments are also unique. However, you often look back at the photos later and realize that they were perhaps not quite so sharp or simply could have been better in a different way. Of course, often the perfection of the images is not so important. It’s about the moment and the feeling that is captured. Still do you want to improve your photos a bit? Here are 3 tips on how to take better pictures with your phone next time.

1 clean the camera lens

This sounds pretty obvious at first. But somehow you don’t think about it. You have your phone in your hand or in your pocket all the time. That means it is full of fingerprints, lint and other things. Simply clean it from time to time with an eyeglass cleaning cloth or microfiber. Do not use a paper tissue or other rough material. This will scratch the camera in the long run.

New Jersey Photographer - how to take better pictures - family pictures

2 use light for better photos

Light is the most important thing for photos. No light means no picture. This is especially important when taking pictures indoors. Often you think it is bright enough. But the cell phone camera compensates this with a long exposure time and the pictures are blurred. This is especially noticeable with children. They move so fast. And even with babies who don’t walk yet, you notice it quickly with shaky hands and feet.
So how can you get around this to get better pictures? Find the place that has the most light. This does not have to be direct sunlight. Indirect light is even better. That way there are no harsh shadows on the face. Try to get your objects close to the window if possible. It works best if you stand right by the window and your subject faces the window.

3 clean background for less distractions

This is so easy to say. But it doesn’t mean that the apartment has to be spotless all the time. With children it is impossible anyway. But just try to keep the background as clean as possible so that no objects distract from the highlight of the photo. Maybe it’s enough to just change the point of view. Just take a picture from above. Or get a little closer. It also helps to use objects to make a frame. Children like to play on the floor. So I like to use chairs through which I photograph. This makes the photo more interesting and hides the toys that are lying around on the edge.

New Jersey Photographer - how to take better pictures - family pictures


I hope these 3 tips on how to take better pictures with your phone help you a little bit. I have a final request for you moms. Take a selfie every now and then so that you can be in the photos with your kids. Or give the job of the photographer to your husband or whoever else is around. The time goes by so fast. The little ones grow up so quickly and they no longer fit on your lap or can no longer be lifted. Hold on to the moments with them. And your children want to see photos later where you are in the picture as well. I promise you, it doesn’t matter to the little ones if you’re dressed up or if you haven’t combed your hair yet today. Not every picture has to look professional. But if it should be a professional one, then please feel free to contact me.

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