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February is always a short month. It feels like time is just flying by. Another month already gone and we are deep into the new year. I am still continuing my 365 photo project. Taking one picture every day. You can read more about why I do this here.

So here is an update of the 365 project – February

365 photo project - February part 1

But to be honest most of the days I am taking way more than one picture. I am really enjoying this project. It makes me be more present with my kids. I am paying more attention to the little every day details because I am looking for moments worth capturing.

Since I have 2 daughters I am also trying to keep it somewhat equal with the amount of pictures each one is in. But it is not so easy. The older one goes to school in the morning and I usually use the quiet time to take pictures of the younger one. So I am noticing there are a lot more self portraits with me and the little one. That is something that I would like to change going forward.

Light is also something I have been observing more. We’re still stuck in the apartment for most days. Partially because of the pandemic and partially because of the weather. So I have been looking for the best light in the apartment. And that in turn helps me take better pictures for you in your in home photo sessions.

I am enjoying the amount of practice that this project forces me to do. There is nothing better to improve your skills than just practice as much as possible. And I am practicing to be the best photographer for you and I enjoy capturing those sweet moments of my family along the way.

This was it for the 365 project – February update. For more updates follow along on Instagram.

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