5 must have family photos

You will get a ton of different photos from your family photo session. But what are the ones that you will cherish the most? What are the 5 must have family photos that you will treasure forever?

They are not what you might expect. I think that the most important ones are the ones that make you feel something. The ones that remind you how it felt to play and have fun with your kids. The ones where you can see all the emotions about parenthood. So even though in all my sessions I include a few shots of everyone smiling at the camera. That is not the one that I think you will value the most when looking back on them later. Even though grandma might be asking for it.

must have family photo collage with tons of family cuddles and play time for the kids.

Your family laughing together

Time goes by so quickly. Kids grow up fast. But those giggles and belly laughs need to be remembered.

Your family cuddling together

To me it feels like my whole world is complete when we all cuddle together. It is the best feeling. So why not hold on to that through a photograph.

Mom and kids

I enjoy looking back at pictures of my own mom and us kids. How she held us and looked at us. So this one will be treasured not just by mom, but also by the kids.

must have photo collage with pictures of mom with her kids showing caring moms holding their kids.

Dad and kids

Dads love to play with their kids. It relaxes the photo session, makes dad and everyone happy.

must have photo collage showing images of dads with their kids enjoying cuddle time and play time.

Your kids being kids

It is always great to remember what your kids were into at the time of the session. Collecting rocks, picking flowers or just being silly. Doesn’t matter. It is a memory worth holding on to.

What about your must have family photos

So what do you think? What are your 5 must have family photos? Does this make you want to take yours? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to chat about your session.

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