5 mistakes parents make before their New Jersey family photo session

You’ve been searching and researching your photographer. You finally made a selection. Then you were scrolling through endless posts on Instagram to figure out what everyone is supposed to wear for your family pictures. So when picture day arrives you expect everything to go perfect. But all of a sudden your usually so agreeable kid turns into a cranky mess. What went wrong? I’ll walk you through the 5 mistakes parents make before their family photo session. So that you can avoid those and enjoy your photo time.

You are cramming too much into your day

Try to make the photo session the main event of the day. This way your kids will not be over stimulated and also not overly tired. If you’ve had a busy day before your session then they might be too exhausted and cranky already and they won’t want to relax, play and have fun. So try to keep your calendar free before your session.

How to avoid 5 mistakes parents make before their New Jersey family photo session to get beautiful and connected family pictures with happy babies.

nap issues

If your kid still takes naps, keeping the nap is important. Again same as above try to stick to your usual schedule and try to have your kid nap as usual. If golden hour photo time interferes with nap time, then maybe schedule at a different time of year when photo time is more agreeable with your little ones nap schedule

your child is cold or hungry

be sure you dress for the season. While adults can suffer through a slightly too light wardrobe choice through a session without it impacting how they look on the pictures. Kids get cranky when they are cold. So select an outfit that fits the season.

Also be sure to feed them before the session. Most likely your session will be around afternoon snack or dinner time. So be sure to feed them before. You can also bring a non messy snack to the session. But it is best to just make sure they have a full belly before.

you are rushing and not relaxed yourself

your kids pick up on your own emotions. So if you are feeling stressed on picture day so will your kids. Try to allow to have plenty of time to get to your session location. Better yet arrive ahead of time so that you and your kids can get acclimated to the location. And then just relax and enjoy your time together.

5 mistakes parents make before their New Jersey family photo session. Avoid them to get beautiful and connected family photos such as these with agreeable little babies.

you are expecting too much

Don’t get upset because things aren’t going the way you envisioned them to be. Trust your photographer. Most of the time when I go through images after a session and select the best ones. It is the parents that have stressed facial expressions or frowns because they think their kids should behave different. But the kids look totally adorable. They are just being themselves. Enjoy the experience, relax and snuggle with your family. You can read more about letting your kids misbehave here.

Now you know

So now you know 5 mistakes parents make before their photo session and can avoid them so that you can be ready and can enjoy your session to create some fun and connected memories. Be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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