5 tips to keep your kids awake for your sunset family photos

kids at sunset family session

Golden hour, the hour before sunset, is the most beautiful time to take pictures. But sometimes especially in the summer that time doesn’t necessarily align with your kid’s bedtime. So here are 5 tips to keep your kids awake for your sunset family photos.

1. later nap time

If you’re lucky enough that your kids still nap then see if you can push their nap to be later in the day. Either just at the session day or do it gradually over the week leading up to your session.

photo compilation of kids at a family photo session

2. make sure nobody is hungry

Most kids are cranky when they are hungry. And who can blame them. I get cranky myself if I don’t eat. So make sure that in the business of getting ready you don’t skip any meals or snacks. Make sure everyone is well fed prior to arriving at the session.

3. don’t let them nap in the car on the way

Know your kids. While it might give you a break if they fall asleep in the car. If your kids tend to wake up cranky if they didn’t get their full nap in then don’t let them fall asleep. In that case it will be better if they don’t nap at all.

4. make the photo session the main event

Don’t try to tire your kids out on the session day so that you get a guaranteed nap. That never works. Keep your day low key and relaxed. Also try not to stress about the session yourself. Kids feed off of the energy of their parents. So if you are stressed most likely your kids will be as well. Try to relax and just enjoy the fact that you don’t have to do anything today other than have fun with your family.

5. bring a back up plan

Sometimes all these little tips don’t work and kids get cranky. It’s totally OK. Just bring their favorite toy or maybe their favorite cuddle blanket or stuffed animal. Something that comforts them and won’t look too funny if it ends up on the pictures. Most of the time you won’t need it. But it is good to know that you have a back up just in case.

So now that you know 5 tips to keep your kids awake for your sunset family photos. Who is ready to book their sunset session? Feel free to reach out for details here or follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

compilations of kids at a family photo session

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