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Finding out that you are an expectant mama to be is exciting news. Your body is capable of amazing things and watching your body change and grow and adapt is magical. Soon your entire world will change forever in spectacular ways. But before that happens. Wouldn’t it be nice to hold still for a moment? To hold on to time and remember how it was to feel your baby safe in your belly? Maybe it is your second pregnancy and you want to capture the joy of anticipation of an older sibling? But when to take maternity photos? I’m here to help.

Best time to shoot

The best time to schedule your session is when you are showing a nice baby bump, but you are still comfortable in your body. Usually somewhere around 28-36 weeks. If it is your first pregnancy you might consider between 30-36 because you will most likely be showing a bit later. But be mindful that babies have a mind of their own and sometimes can’t wait to join us and arrive early. So don’t push your session too far out or you might miss out on capturing this special time in you life.

maternity photos  of parents to be taken in NJ park.

When to book

This one really depends on your photographer of choice. Some book out months in advance. So you might want to reach out soon after you find out that you are expecting if maternity pictures are something that you are considering.

Everyone is unique

Some show more than others. Some feel worse or better than others. There is no right or wrong when scheduling your session. So do what feels good to you. Most importantly enjoy this time when the focus is all on you. Treat yourself to a maternity session and capture the amazing strength that your body has.

So I hope this helped you in figuring out when to take maternity photos. Reach out if you want to capture this special time in your life! Or follow along on Instagram for more inspiration.

maternity picture of family of three expecting their second child.

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