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There are a lot of choices to make when planning your photo session. Location, outfit, photographer and along with all these comes the time of day as well. So is there a good or bad time to take family photos? Or in other words what is the best time of day for your photo session?

Consider your location

golden hour family photo session

To be honest the best time depends on your location a lot. Will your session take place in your home or outdoors is the first deciding factor.

If your session is indoors morning light most times will be best. Most apartments and houses have great light in the morning. You want it to be bright in your apartment without too much direct sun.

If your session is outdoors golden hour, the hour before sunset, gives the softest most beautiful light. But depending on your exact location earlier or later will be better. For example if there are a lot of trees or if you are surrounded by mountains a slightly earlier time will be better. On the other hand if you are up on a hill you will want to be as close to sunset as possible with your session time.

Consider the season

Another thing to consider is the season. On the one hand that means if leaves on trees provide extra shade or not. On the other hand you need to consider the age of your kids and potential bed time issues. Golden hour in the summer can be pretty late.

Consider the weather

A lot of times the best light depends on the weather. Is it sunny, cloudy or even rainy. The weather plays a big part even for in home sessions. On rainy days there most likely will not be good light in any home and you might want to consider rescheduling your session. you can plan almost anything about your session except the weather.

Trust your photographer

But what it comes down to in the end when selecting the best time of day for your photo session is to trust your photographer. They will know which location has the best light at what time of day in whichever season. So trust their vision and take their advise.

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Outdoor family session during  golden hour

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