how to turn your family photos to memorable photo gifts

Did you make an investment to get professional family photos done this past year? Or maybe you just took a few snapshots along the way? Either way here is a simple guide on how to turn your family photos into memorable photo gifts so that they can live on even longer.

Simply print and frame

family photo gallery wall

Print and frame is the easiest option to turn your unique photos into a memorable gift. You can either just print a single image or combine them into a collage of images. You can add a hand print of your child or a heartfelt quote that captures the moment in words as well. This takes minimal time but means a lot to the ones receiving this special gift. The only thing to watch out for is your print quality. Professional prints aren’t that much more expensive but the quality goes a long way.

personal photo calendar

This is one of my favorite things to gift. It does take a little bit more time upfront but it is so worth it. For years I’ve been making special calendars as gifts for my family. It is a very personal way to relive the past year and the memories in form of a monthly image or collage of images. Some printing services even offer the option to include personalized images for birthdays or special dates in the calendar making it even more special. There are wall as well as desk calendar options. I love doing these little desk calendars. Which are basically just 4×6 prints propped on a cute little easel. This is a photo gift that is useful and meaningful at the same time. And for this photo gift I would say that the choice of printing lab is still important but not as critical.

family photo desk calendar

unique photo books

family photo book

This is the most memorable photo gift and I do admit that it takes the most time. So I only do this for very special people on my gift list. But even though it is the most time intensive of options that I’m listing today you can still make it easy for yourself. Don’t overthink your choice of images and don’t fret over the text. There are many printing options out there that help you with great designs. All you need to do is make your image selection. When in doubt fewer images make more of an impression. And I usually just add a few words here or there. But usually you can also get away without any words and just let the pictures speak for themselves.

I hope that with some of these easy projects your family memories will not only live on a computer hard drive but also live in your own home or in the home of one of your loved ones. These are just a few options of how to turn your family photos to memorable photo gifts but I find them to be the most simple and at the same time useful ones. Reach out to chat about photo projects or booking your next session! And follow along on Instagram for more ideas.

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