3 reasons to book an in home family photo session

Photo sessions don’t always have to take place outside. They are called family photos because they are of your family and they can take place anywhere you like. Here are 3 reasons to book an in home family photo session.

1. You don’t have to leave your house

It might sounds obvious but having the photographer come to your home means that you don’t have to stress to leave yours. You don’t have to worry about what to pack and bringing extra outfits in case something gets dirty. Because you are in your home and have everything you need right there. With kids leaving the house can seam like a daunting task. So why make it so difficult.

in home family photo session in Hoboken New Jersey

2. In home photo sessions documents not only your family but your living space

Your home is the most personal space for your family. By taking your family photos in your house you not only document your family at this specific season of life but you are also documenting your living situation. I always find it so interesting looking back at pictures from my own childhood and reminiscing over details in our home. And don’t worry. Your home does not need to look like it is from an interior design magazine. It is your home and it is perfect the way it is. Together we will pick the room with the best light and I’ll help you de-clutter if necessary.

3. Everyone is more relaxed

Kids tend to be much more relaxed during in home photo session. They know the environment because it is their home. The only variable is the photographer who they might not know. But if they need some time to warm up their are in their own home and can retreat to familiar territory if needed. Also if at any time during a session somebody needs a break it is much easier to accommodate at home. This makes for a very personal and relaxed atmosphere during the photo session.

So you don’t have to skip the colder month if you’d like to get some family pictures done. There are really no excuses. You should take advantage of the colder winter month and capture some great family memories. I hope this gave you 3 reasons to book an in home family photo session.

Would love to capture some of these special memories for your family. If you’d like to schedule an in home session please reach out here. Or follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

In home family photo session in the comfort of your home makes for a more relaxed session

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