My Favorite Family photo poses

cuddle family photo pose

what makes family photos special is that they are a representation of where you are in your family life. It is a snapshot in this whirlwind of parenting that makes us remember the little things. It makes us stop in our daily routines and appreciate the things that are unique to your family. Poses are not something static but rather a place to start from and connect with each other. So here are a few of my favorite family photo poses to get you to be you in front of the camera.

cuddly family photo pose

This is also usually the way I start my sessions. Having you all sit down on a cozy blanket getting comfortable together and having you hold, cuddle or kiss your babies. Maybe there’s already a little tickle. This is what makes these family photos represent you. Because this captures how you play and interact with your kids. It shows your family connection may it in a cuddly or silly or calm and loving way. Either way it will reflect your family personality.

  • connected family photo pose
  • cuddle family photo pose
  • kissing family photo pose
  • family laying on blanket cuddling together
  • relaxed family photo pose

get movement in your photos

After cuddling a bit it is time to move around. Movement helps everyone relax. It also takes the pressure off the kids to sit or stand still. They can run around and get some of their energy out. Depending on your family we might do different moves. From walking to dancing or to playing running games with a blanket. Either way this is a unique way to capture your family interacting together and showing your connection.

  • playful interaction between parents and daughter
  • playful father daughter moment
  • family playing together to have kids run under blanket
  • family holding hands walking together

relax with tickles, hugs and kisses

tickles and hugs are always fun. Who doesn’t love to laugh! And there is no way anybody is still stiff and not relaxed at the time all the tickles come out.

  • mother and daughter laughing
  • mother and daughter hugging
  • mother and daughter dancing

so if any of these are things that you enjoy doing with your kids why not capture these memories and have a fun photo session to make sure these memorable moments are captured! Reach out today and let’s chat to find your unique family photo poses and turn them into memories. Want some more inspiration? Follow along on my instagram.

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