My favorite Newborn Photo Poses

Newborn photos are my favorite type of photo session to capture. It is such a sweet phase in a family’s life. Everything is still so new. Everyone is getting to know the new baby. Every family does that a bit different. And with that there are no 2 newborn sessions that are the same. But there definitely are a few things that all new families have in common. They want to hold on to the cuteness and tininess of their newborn. Remember those very special details of their baby forever. A newborn photo session is just the right thing to capture this. Here are a few of my favorite newborn photo poses.

Favorite Newborn Photo Pose number 1 – looking over mom’s shoulder

newborn photo pose of baby looking over mom's shoulder for a perfect newborn portrait

This is my favorite way to capture some portraits of newborn babies. If they’re a bit older they will try to keep that cute head up. The shutter of the camera usually fascinates them and you get some really intense looks. If they’re still younger they will just comfortably rest on mom’s shoulder. But this is a great way to capture the baby together with mom in a portrait that shows the tender love of a mom or dad for the new baby.

Favorite Newborn Photo Pose number 2 – in mom’s arms

newborn photo poses of baby snuggled in mom's arm

There is no better place for baby then to by in Mom’s arms. It is the most comforting place they know so why take them away from there. I find it also shows scale. Now looking at my kids as they get older it is hard to imagine that they were once able to fit in the space between my elbow and hand. I was once able to hold them with just one arm.

Favorite Newborn Photo Pose number 3 – all snuggled up

newborn photo pose of baby all snuggled up with parents

Those newborn snuggles are the best. Sleepy or awake doesn’t matter. Newborns are just so comfortable when snuggled up closely to the parents.

Favorite Newborn Photo pose number 4 – the details

newborn photo pose of details like baby feet or fingers curled around mom's finger

Time flies so fast and we often forget the little things. So it is my passion to capture exactly that. The little feet and tiny toes. Or the little soft baby hair. Tiny fingers curled around mom’s or dad’s fingers. It is again a great way to show scale and also show connection.

Favorite Newborn Photo pose number 5 – in the nursery

newborn photos in the nursery

If available the nursery of course needs to be documented in an in home newborn session as well. A lot of thought and planning goes into it. It makes your newborn photos personal and unique.

Bonus – sibblings

newborn photos with older sibling or furry family member

If there are older siblings or furry family members that is a very special relationship to capture as well. It is the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Siblings have a special place in my heart so there will always be some special sibling portraits.


Either way an in home newborn photo session will capture the uniqueness of your family. You will be in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to worry about what to pack and bring. And the images will not only be personal because of who you are but also because of where the photos are taken. And any of the newborn photo poses will represent all the feelings of your new family addition. Follow me on Instagram for more. And you can check out this article if you’d like to read a bit more about how a newborn session with me is.

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