Winter Family Photo Session – New Jersey Family Photographer

Should you schedule a winter family photo session or wait until the weather is warmer again? If you are on the fence about it or if you can’t even imagine what a session in winter would be like let me show you how much fun this can be.

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What is lifestyle family photography

So what is lifestyle family photography and what does that mean for your photo session?

lifestyle family photo session - liberty state park - new jersey

Lifestyle Family Photography could mean different things to different people. So let me tell you what it means to me and what it will mean for your photo session with me.

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New Jersey Photographer – 365 project – January

photo collage - 365 project - january 1

Usually I’m not the type of person that has any new years resolutions. I believe that if you want to change something just do it. Don’t wait for a specific date. But I’ve been wanting to do a 365 photo project. And somehow that lends itself to just begin on January 1st.

So what kind of project am I talking about?

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Outfit guide for your family photo session – Tips from New Jersey Family Photographer

Your guide for timeless family photographs

Your photo session is booked. That is great. The first step is done. But there are a few details left to plan. Most importantly, what to wear? Let me help you a bit with an outfit guide for your family photo session. You will want your outfits to look nice but not stiff. They should represent you as a family and not feel overdressed or underdressed. Since the photo session will include some playful elements you need to be able to move around, sit, lay down, run, dance etc. and not be held back by your wardrobe.

So where to begin so that it does not become an overwhelming task?

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family photographer – this is my journey to photography

How I became a lifestyle family photographer in New Jersey

How do you become a lifestyle family photographer? There are many paths and each photographer’s journey is unique. Some are more straight forward and some like mine have to take a little detour first. Let me share my path with you today.

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